A lot of meal plans for weight loss are present in the market. Some of them are easy to use while some of them are complex to put together on their own. Also, a lot of people have been following those magazine meal plans for quite some time. However, they don’t suit everyone.

No one knows how good the magazine diet plans are and how effective they are. It would be wise for people to follow diet plans that are certified by dieticians. Consulting with a dietician is by far the smartest choice any can make.

Regardless of whether people follow a 1200 calories daily or a program with a higher calorie count, they can use their dietician’s guideline or find suitable diet plans online.

Before people select the best low-calorie diet plan that suits them best, it is thus imperative to understand how many calories people should eat each day. This number can differ depending on the person’s gender, size and activity level.

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A lot of commercial weight loss plans often assign females to a diet plan of 1,200 calories a day. If the females are physically active then that number can be higher. For instance, a lot of people may see that their weight loss calorie intake goal is 1200 calories a day. If they choose to burn more, say 400 calories; then they can raise their intake to 1,500 calories and still lose weight.

Men on the other hand are often given a diet plan of 1500 to 1800 calories a day. Here, the size of men and their activity level also play a role in the number of calories a man should be eating and how much they should consume.

Here are some sample meal plans based on calorie intakes that can help constitute a good 30 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Men and Women

The 1200 calorie meal plan

Not using a sweetener or one without any calories helps keep the menu to about 1,200 calories. A teaspoon of sugar has at least 16 calories whereas honey has 21 calories per teaspoon.

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For breakfast

  • A cup of oatmeal.
  • Half a cup of non-fat milk.
  • A tablespoon of honey.
  • One-half a cup of blueberries.
  • One cup plain tea or coffee.

For lunch

  • Two slices of 100% whole grain bread, deli sliced turkey breast, tomato slice, lettuce and a tablespoon of mustard.
  • One half a cup of sliced carrots.

For dinner

  • Three ounces of baked salmon.
  • A cup of green beans.
  • Salad consisting of a cup of raw spinach, some cherry tomatoes and one-half cup broccoli florets with lemon juice as dressing.
  • Water with a slice of lemon.

For snacking

  • An apple with a dozen almonds.
  • Water in wholesome amount.
  • A cup of non-fat milk.
  • One half cup plain yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.
  • A cup of strawberries.

The 1500 calorie meal plan

When it comes to 1500 calories, people should consume lean protein and fiber to feel full and satisfied for the day. Sweet treats get replaced by fruit and other nutrient rich foods for the variety.

For breakfast

  • A cup of plain coffee or tea.
  • A hardboiled egg.
  • One whole orange.
  • A slice of whole grain bread toasted with a tablespoon almond butter spread upon it.

For lunch

  • A cup of non-fat milk as a beverage.
  • One half a cup of sliced carrots.
  • Two slices of whole grain bread, two ounces of roast beef sliced, a slice of Swiss cheese and a tablespoon of mustard.

For Dinner

  • A cup of cooked broccoli with lemon juice.
  • One half a cup of cooked black beans.
  • A small glass of white wine.
  • A whole-wheat dinner roll with a teaspoon of butter.
  • A three-ounce chicken breast fillet with two tablespoons of salsa.

For snacking

  • A cup of sweetened grapefruit juice.
  • One half a cup of blueberries.
  • One third a cup of edamame.
  • A lot of water.
  • Ten halves of pecans.
  • Three quarter cup of plain yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.

There you have it, the meal plans that you need as a starting point for your path to fitness and loss fat with obesity. Start from these then customize as per your own kind.



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