Hello Good day guys Today I will be sharing a new trick on how to hide your private folders or private documents without using or installing any third-party app on your android phone, sound Impossible right? No worries Just like I said last time on one of my last tutorial there’s nothing impossible on Android phones, I always say this and will continue saying it, there are about 100+ discovered tricks on Android phones and only 25% to 35% are being discussed online. Finally, let’s the kick-off to today’s tutorials.

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  1. Must-Have An Android Phone.
  2. Must-Have File Manager Installed
  3. If Your Phone Does not have number 2 above, you can download it from PlayStore
  4. Your Phone Must Be an Android Phone Lol…

Now Let’s  Assume you have the above-mentioned requirements, we will making use of File Manager or File Explorer, Files Depending on what your Device calls it, recently I wrote about how to convert Mp4 files to Mp3 Format by making use of File Manager or File Explorer.


This tutorial is for both rooted and Non-rooted devices so you don’t need to worry, if you looking for or wants to know how to root your Android phone then I advise you read This How To Root All Android Phones, this tutorial does not have harmful effect to your Android Devices it’s 100% safe and secure method. We Move!

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Step 1.  Open Your Android and locate your File Manager.

Step 2. Launch your File Manager and Locate The Folder Or File You Want To Hide

Step 3. Hold On to the Folder Or The File You Want Hide And Click on Rename.

Step 4. Now all You Have to do is to go to the file or the folder’s prefix and add just a dot (.)

Step 5. Let’s assume the name of the folder is Called Blue-Ray all you have to do is rename it as “.Blue-Ray and everything in that folder will be hidden instantly

Step 6. It’s much better to use this method on folders only to be able to track the location of your files so that you won’t lose your precious files.

How To Hide Files In Your Android Phone Without Third-party App

After rename or changing the folder’s name you will found out that every file inside will be hidden in your Gallery or Media manager, this mostly works for files like Pictures, Audios, Videos, or pdf files

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So I suggest you only rename the folder containing the files that you want to hide instead of renaming the files itself, it will be safer for you. There a lot of App that can actually do this but we used the default file manager for it without using any app to do it, some apps can equally use a passcode to secure it, but with the above-explained method, you don’t actually need any passcode.

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