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UNBELIEVABLE! Google Chrome 69 For Android To Bring Notch Support

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If we take a look at recent times, Apple launched a new smartphone known as iPhone X. The phone carries an interesting design. Apple’s highly-controversial iPhone X notch could soon become a widely-adopted feature.

Now it looks like Google itself is working on preparing the upcoming version of Android smartphone for similar technology on next-generation phones. Android’s next version is codenamed as Pistachio Ice Cream and is projected to land in the summer.
It looks like the new version of Android will support a notch at the top, the feature that Apple rolled out last year with the iPhone X. The notch is placed at the top of the display and holds front facing components like FaceTime camera and Face ID module.
If you, like me, think that notch is not such a beautiful thing to see on the smartphone, know that your feeling will be even worse. As recently, the tech giant Google just released the first version of Chrome 69tests to Android and it’s ready to work better on devices with the notch.

The notch will be more accepted

The new feature is in the version 69 of Chrome on Android devices which came in beta distribution of the application for developers. Instead of displaying a white bar just where the smartphone can climb higher to the sides of the top, the browser can show the content of the page.
The feature is similar to what the tech giant Apple did last year with Safari, with some CSS-specific properties that create a larger display area when your smartphone displays page content in a lying down mode – horizontally.

Chrome as a media player

Another novelty for the tech giant Google’s browser is that Chrome can be used as a music and video player on devices with Android Go, the simplest version of the operating system that focuses on devices with 1 GB of RAM or less.
The purpose of this new feature is to create a native player for some devices that do not even have something of the type already shipped. Anyone with Android Go and Chrome 69 installed, can select the browser as a player when you open some video, photo or music – perfect for these devices since it is not necessary to download another app just to do so.

Some news also arrives for the computer

In addition to these features, version 69 ofChrome for PC or Mac will allow the floating window on some video sites, out of the browser – more or less as is possible on Android. With this tool, the user can just put the video out of a tab and continue reading another site
The tech giant Google’s well-known and the most used web browser, of course, Chrome’s release in version 69 is scheduled for release next month if the test portion is peacetime and no bug is found.
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