How to Use Telegram From Linux Terminal
How you can Use Telegram From Linux Terminal

This technique may be very simple and straight and you should observe a few of the easy steps to proceed. So observe the beneath steps to proceed.

1. Initially obtain the device named telegram-cli to your Linux by utilizing the instructions:
“sudo apt-get set up git libreadline-dev
libconfig-dev libssl-dev lua5.2-dev
libevent-dev libjansson-dev
make git clone
–recursive /vysheng/tg.git &&
cd tg /configure
sudo make”
How to Use Telegram From Linux Terminal
How you can Use Telegram From Linux Terminal

 2. Launch the device that you’ve got simply downloaded to your machine by the above instructions by executing the one other command:

cd bin
You might most likely face some errors whereas attempting this command and if this occurs for extra instances simply remark the road quantity 101 within the “tgl/mtproto-utils.c” file after which strive once more the command and it shall work correctly.

3. This app works with the cellphone numbers so you’ll have to present yours, simply pay attention to that give the working quantity since you would get the verification code on it utilizing the device. After filling the code you bought in your cellular, this device will probably be all set to run and you would then expend the Telegram by the command line.
4. Use the a few of the fundamental instructions which you’ll require to make use of in order to run the telegram:
msg [contact_name] [text] “this command helps to ship your message to the actual contact”
fwd [user] [msg-seqno] “forwards message to the opposite contacts of your want”
chat_with_peer [contact_name] ” begin up the chat with specific contact”
add_contact [phone-number] [first-name] [last-name] “add new contact to your listing”

rename_contact [user] [first-name] [last-name] ” rename any contact”
mark_read [contact_name] ” marks all messages obtained as learn”
delete_msg [msg-seqno] “deletes the message”
restore_msg [msg-seqno] ” restores deleted messages”
How to Use Telegram From Linux Terminal
How you can Use Telegram From Linux Terminal
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 That is the best approach which may simply play the Telegram app utilizing the instructions on the Linux and carry out the each associated process to the app simply from the instructions, perhaps it’s sending up the messages or receiving all of it may very well be simply finished by the above technique. You’ll additionally like to make use of the telegram in such a approach, and if sure then go apply up the tactic!

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