Download SPD Diag Reset Tool V2  BUG FIXED
Download SPD Diag Reset Tool V2  BUG FIXED

SPD Diag Reset Tool Features :

  • It can work on almost every spd phone.
  • There is a combo box for selecting comports at the top.
  • GUI added, removed bugs.
  • Added new method for resetting phones.
It works smoothly as you can see it in picture. I does not take much time, If you have some issue with it you may comment down, I will fix it.

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How to reset SPD Phones which shows exclamation sign in Recovery?

There are some old spreadtrum phones which shows Exclamation sign (!) in recovery mode that time this tool will be helpful. Here is the list of step which you should do.
  1. First of all turn on the phone and connect it with pc.
  2. Install necessary drivers.
  3. Fire up SPD Diag Reset Tool V2 and select AT mode driver in combo box. (You may check the name of driver in picture that I have attached with this post.)
  4. Click on Reset Now!! button, and your phone will be restarted.
  5. If I won’t restarted automatically, Remove battery and insert again and press Volume+ and Power button together. I will automatically shows some progress and restarted.
  6. That’s all.

Hopefully, this will help you on resetting spreadtrum phones.For any question or complain drop your message at Post Comment box and we will reply within short period of time.

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