How to Fix the Most Annoying iOS 5+ Problems
How to Fix the Most Annoying iOS 5+ Problems
The method is quite simple and easy, and you just need have a look on some of the simple steps that gonna help you to implement this in your devices.

1. Removal of Notification Badge App Icon

Go to the Notifications Settings on your iOS preferences and then select up the app for which you wish to remove up the Badge. After that disable up the Badge App Icon switch which would stop those red notification badge icon on a home screen of the app!

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2. Annoying WiFi Dialog Pop-up

Go to the Wifi Settings on your iOSand then turn off the Ask to Join Networks option. This would stop those annoying Wifi dialog pop-ups showing up whenever you go near any active network hotspot.

3. Turn Off Spotlight Search History

Through Spotlight search, you could search for different apps, the web, etc. This search saves up the history and shows up that previous searches everytime you tend to use it again. You would preferably like to remove that search history, to do so follow up the below way:
  1. Got to the Settings>General>Spotlight Search
  2. Find up to the option and then disable up “Siri Suggestions.”
  3. For Siri Suggestions, if you wish to clear history just disable it up and then re-enable it again.

4. Disable up the Control Center Access

The iOS 10 have the feature through which the Control Center could be accessed just by swiping above the screen inside any of the apps, but this could interfere with your app scrolling. To disable up the feature follow up the below way:
  1. Go to the Settings>Control Center
  2. Find up the option Access Within Apps and just disable it up

5. See New Mails At the Top

The better mail app for iOS 10 shows up the thread in such a way that the older messages appear to see at the top of the list while the newer ones place at the bottom. This type of sorting is annoying, to fix that up to follow the below steps:
  1. Go to the Settings>Mail from your device and then enable up to the option Most Recent Messages on Top.

6. Disable the Ability to Reply from Lockscreen

With the iOS 10, the users could reply to the messages even on the Lock Screen even if the passcode have been set up. This could not be the good feature as anybody could easily reply to your important messages. To disable the feature follow-up below:

  1. Got to Settings>TouchID & Passcode and disable up the option named Reply With Message.

7. Disable Access to Notifications On the Locked Screen

The notifications are also shown up on the lock screen in this newest version of iOS. To disable it up to follow up below steps:
  1. Go to the Settings>TouchID and Passcode
  2. Find and disable up the Notifications View option from there. That’s it!

8. Disable Press Home to Unlock Feature

With the new iOS, the Slide to Unlock feature was skipped, and the new feature was introduced, i.e., Press Home to Unlock the device. This all new way to unlock the device is somewhat inconvenient, so you would likely wish to remove it. For doing so follow up the below steps and get up the previous way back to unlock your device through the slide:

  1. Go to the Settings>General>Accessibility and then navigate to the Home Button
  2. From there just find and enable up to the Rest Finger to Open option or the feature.
    That’s it!
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