New Nokia 3310 Concept Running Android Looks Exceptional!
New Nokia 3310 Concept Running Android Looks Exceptional!
We must admit that Nokia’s old phones are strong. That’s the reason why Nokia 3310’s comeback was one of the trending news on the internet. We have noticed several incidences like Nokia handset saved man’s life by stopping a bullet and just now we have seen British Soldier Dave Mitchell’s Nokia 3310 working well after surviving the war zone of Afghanistan and Iraq.
Nokia 3310 was also known as one of the most successful Nokia phones of all time because they are indestructible and most reliable phone ever made by Nokia. Several rumors claimed that there is a possibility of the comeback of Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017.
Some other hard to trust rumors claims that Nokia 3310 will be resurrected as an Android smartphone. Taking these stories to the next level designers have created the renders and concept videos of Nokia 3310.
The teaser of new Nokia 3310 shows the phone have dual cameras, fingerprint scanner and an iconic Nokia boot screen and sound. Concept creator has created the teaser. Have a look at the teaser:

Not only this, concept creator posted another video that shows how new Nokia 3310 will retain its looks. Have an eye on the second video:

Well, these are just a renders. So, we can’t explain how the upcoming Nokia 3310 will exactly look like. However, Nokia 3310 was enough to get excited for. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.

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