Microsoft Will Keep Building Windows 10 Mobile Beyond Redstone 2
Microsoft Will Keep Building Windows 10 Mobile Beyond Redstone 2
There has long been talk about the possibility of Microsoft abandoning Windows 10 Mobile and focus only on the versions of this operating system for PCs and Xbox.
Now that Creators Update is coming, this idea has once again taken hold, pointing to the certainty of Microsoft’s withdrawal from its mobile operating system. But the truth is that the company has already denied this idea.
With Windows 10 Mobile becoming increasingly less of a consumer option, it might be natural for Microsoft to stop the developments of this platform. The ideal time to do so could be very soon, with the arrival of yet another update, Creators Update.
All this idea has now fallen to the ground, during the Ignite conference, which the tech giant Microsoft held in Australia. After announcing the Insider Program for Business, Bill Karagounis of Microsoft was available to answer questions, and the most obvious of all came up. Several of those presents wondered if the Insider program would be finished for Windows 10 Mobile. Karagounis’ response was clear and shows the company’s commitment to this system.
“We’ve been flighting Mobile builds now for– actually, since the November Update in 2015. We do not plan to change that or to stop that.
And you’ll see – today, we are still flighting Mobile builds, subject to quality, subject to those release promotion criteria, and we fully expect to keep doing that beyond the release of the Creators Update”.
So, according to Karagounis, Microsoft will keep the Insiders program on Windows 10 Mobile in the future, continuing its developments even after the arrival of the next major update.

The future of Windows 10 Mobile

With fewer and fewer users, Windows 10 Mobile seems to need revitalization urgently. The most recent figures show that it reached the lowest level ever and ended 2016 with a market share of only 0.3%.
Microsoft is supposed to prepare for the arrival of high-end devices that will revolutionize the market. Until then it has reduced the availability of the remaining range of devices, in a clear message that it will even focus on a particular niche in the smartphone market.
It will not be easy for Microsoft to keep Windows 10 Mobile without having devices that use it and manufacturers do not seem to have it as their choice. However, until the “Surface” appears the tech giant Microsoft will maintain this system and its developments.

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