How to Use Apple Airpods With Android Devices
Apple Airpods
The method is very smooth and straight, and you need to follow below step by step guide below to proceed.

Step 1. First of all, open the Airpods that you got all new and then reveal these from their case by opening the lid, after that press, the pairing button placed on the back of the case and hold it for few seconds until the light on the case appears to be lit up white

Step 2. Now the Airpods have been set to the pairing mode, and you could easily pair up any new device to it. For pairing it with the Android device, open the Android’s Bluetooth settingsand then turn on the Bluetooth. After that search for the nearby Bluetooth devices and you would see the Airpods listed on there.

Step 3. Click on the Airpods from the list of the Bluetooth search results and then accept any prompts that might arise on your Android device. Your Android device would then be successfully connected to the Airpods, and hence you could use it easily as any other wired earphones, just connect the earbuds and play the music on your device.

Step 4. The only difference while using the Airpods on the Apple iPhone device and the other smartphone devices is that you won’t get the benefits of the Siri as it would not be activated by touching on the Airpods but conceptually your music playback would be stopped for instance and, you would sometimes require to put it back playing again.

In this short article, you have read the method by which you could easily amend the functions in such a way that the Apple Earpods could be connected and used with the Android devices. For the case, if you are also owning any Earpods and have the Android device with you then must try this method.

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