How to Type in Multiple Languages at Once on Android
Swiftkey keyboard
The method is quite easy and simple, and you just need to follow some of the simple steps by step guide below to proceed.

1. Download and install up to the Swiftkey app on your Android device and if you already have this keyboard pre-installed then skip up this step.
2. Open up the app on your android device and there choose up the Languages option from the set of tabs placed, here you will see the languages the whole number of languages that you could choose up for the keyboard app. You can download any of these language packs, and these would be available for being used with the keyboard. Just don’t forget to enable up this keyboard app for all your typing assisted works and apps.
3. Now if you are thinking to work on with the multiple languages at the once then download up all those language packs you need to work with and then on the keyboard step into that particular language pack every time you need it. This could be done up very easily within the keyboard app.
How to Type in Multiple Languages at Once on Android
Swiftkey settings
4. Now if you are not willing to make up any language pack remain enabled and show in the keyboard app then go to the app itself and from the words, option chooses up and that particular language pack and disable it. That’s all.
5. Typing in multiple languages could be no easier than this just check into the language that you require and get up the keyboard for that in seconds! Swiftkey is the most appreciated keyboard app for the purpose but there could be many other such keyboard apps there that have the capability to work on with multiple languages, search for them and try them if you like!
The Google’s default keyboard app for the Android might not have got up the functionality to write up in multiple languages at once but this isn’t any mess with the Android devices because for that many other keyboards could be used. As in the article, you have got up about the keyboard that you could use to type in multiple languages so try it out for the function!
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