The method is very easy and straight and you need to follow some of the simple steps to proceed. So follow the below steps to proceed.

1. First of all download the tool named telegram-cli to your Linux through using the commands:
“sudo apt-get install git libreadline-dev
libconfig-dev libssl-dev lua5.2-dev
libevent-dev libjansson-dev
make git clone
–recursive /vysheng/tg.git &&
cd tg /configure
sudo make”
How to Use Telegram From Linux Command Line

 2. Launch the tool that you have just downloaded to your device through the above commands by executing the another command:
cd bin
You could probably face some errors while trying this command and if this happens for more times just comment the line number 101 in the “tgl/mtproto-utils.c” file and then try again the command and it shall work properly.
3. This app works with the phone numbers so you will have to provide yours, just take note of that give the working number because you would get the verification code on it using the tool. After filling the code you got on your mobile, this tool will be all set to run and you could then use up the Telegram through the command line.
4. Use the some of the basic commands which you will require to use so as to run the telegram:
msg [contact_name] [text] “this command helps to send your message to the particular contact”
fwd [user] [msg-seqno] “forwards message to the other contacts of your wish”
chat_with_peer [contact_name] ” start up the chat with particular contact”
add_contact [phone-number] [first-name] [last-name] “add new contact to your list”
rename_contact [user] [first-name] [last-name] ” rename any contact”
mark_read [contact_name] ” marks all messages received as read”
delete_msg [msg-seqno] “deletes the message”
restore_msg [msg-seqno] ” restores deleted messages”
How to Use Telegram From Linux Command Line

 This is the easiest way which could easily play the Telegram app using the commands on the Linux and perform the every related task to the app just from the commands, maybe it’s sending up the messages or receiving it all could be easily done through the above method. You would also like to use the telegram in such a way, and if yes then go apply up the method!

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