GTBank Quick Links Dail Code

This is what you guys have been waiting for, due our last post on How to recharge phone from your bank account. (All banks),
Now we have back with GTBank Quick Links Dail Code
1. Airtime (self) : 
E.g *737*1000#

2. Airtime (Third Party) :
*737*Amonut*Phone No.#
E.g *737*1000*08012345678#

3. Transfer to GTBank : *737*1*Amount*Nuban A/C No#
E.g *737*1*1000*0128936413#

4. Transfer to Other Bank :
*737*2*Amount*Nuban A/C No#
E.g *737*1*1000*0128936413#

5. BVN Linnking :
E.g *737*20*22249781139#

6. Account Opening :

7. Balance Check/Enquiry :

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