Apple rolls out updates for the Watch and Mac

Apple launched updates on Monday for the Watch and Mac, mostly focused on squashing some bugs in each of the systems. The macOS Sierra 10.12.1 update adds an automatic smart album just for iPhone 7 Plus Depth Effect images, improves the security of Safari, fixes a glitch that caused text to paste incorrectly via Universal Clipboard, and improves the reliability of Auto Unlock with the Apple Watch. The macOS update also improves the compatibility of Microsoft Office with iCloud Desktop and Documents, and fixes an issue with Microsoft Exchange accounts preventing Mail from updating.

On the Watch side of things, update 3.1 improves battery life but doesn't add any new features, according to release notes published on MacRumors. WatchOS 3.0 was a major overhaul and the latest update finesses some of its functions, squashing a bug that stopped the Watch Series 2 from charging fully, fixing another glitch that prevented Force Touch from working with some apps, and addressing one issue that made Activity rings disappear from the watch face. Also, the timer shouldn't notify users twice once it's finished anymore, Messages effects will work with Reduce Motion enabled and Watch wearers have the option to replay bubble and full-screen effects in Messages.
The Watch update is available across Series 2, Series 1 and first-generation models.

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