Google Is Killing The Nexus Line Smartphones

Google’s smartphone line always sported the name Nexus. Is that your brand image and that is how they are known. But now it may be about to change. Internal sources of the tech giant Google revealed that the new devices would not come up with the name Nexus. Yes, it means the tech giant Google is changing the Nexus into another brand.

However, there is still no certainty of this Google change, but company sources have revealed the site AndroidCentral that there will be a big change in the Nexus and how they are known.
According to these sources, the two new devices, created in partnership with the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC which was expected to be announced on another brand, hence, it will lose the designation. It is not known what name the new HTC Marlin and Sailfish will emerge, but this should be known soon when they will be displayed.
Google Is Killing The Nexus Line Smartphones
The idea of the tech giant Google is to keep the Nexus name, but only to designate software. There are already several Google applications for Android which were already bearing this name; thus they decided to separate the brand, smartphones software.
To reinforce this idea of abandoning the Nexus line, the images that have emerged these new smartphones do not have the usual designation Nexus on the back. This may be a confirmation of what lies ahead.
These new Google smartphones will have some unique features, which departs from the original idea of Google, thus showing that the company intends to create a different and unique line arguments, seeking to combat equally the proposals that are on the market.
It is not unusual to Google, as we already saw several of its products have changed names; hence, their names changed only to reflect new directions or simply to achieve further excel in the market.


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