Donald Trump Casually Accuses Google of Suppressing Negative Clinton News
Whereas discussing polling numbers at a rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday, Donald Trump offhandedly accused Google of manipulating search leads to favor of rival Hillary Clinton, as a result of hey, why not?
“The Google ballot has us main Hillary by two factors nationwide,” mentioned Trump. “And that’s even if Google’s search engine was suppressing the unhealthy information about Hillary Clinton, how about that? How about that?”
As Trump didn’t elaborate on his declare, it’s unclear what “unhealthy information” he believes the search large hid. In June, nonetheless, a viral video titled “Did Google Manipulate Seek for Hillary?” made similar allegations, prompting an official response from Google.
Within the video, YouTube channel SourceFed discovered that Google’s Autocomplete function predicted comparatively innocuous searches when given characters that triggered queries like “hillary clinton indictment” and “hillary clinton crimes” on rivals Bing and Yahoo. In response to Google, nonetheless, their algorithm is about as much as by no means predict “disparaging” queries at the side of somebody’s title—a declare supported by a cursory comparisonof the major search engines.
Donald Trump Casually Accuses Google of Suppressing Negative Clinton News
“Google Autocomplete doesn’t favor any candidate or trigger,” the corporate told The Washington Times. “Claims on the contrary merely misunderstand how Autocomplete works.”
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