Windows 10 Cumulative Update Brought New Problems
The new cumulative update for Windows 10 promised to solve most of the problems that had brought Anniversary Update. But the truth is that this update turned out not to solve some of the problems and, what is even worse, brought some new ones.
Apart from some improvements, this new update of Windows 10 promised that many of the problems that the Anniversary Update brought were resolved. In fact, several disappeared, but some of the key problems were still present in the Windows 10 and prevented users from using the Microsoft operating system in its entirety.
The taskbar of Windows 10 still blocks
The first failure was expected to be corrected is well known to users. The Windows 10 taskbar blocks for no apparent reason and even this time also the problem remains unfixed, as the latest update also failed to fix this.
The webcams problem is still present
One of the fixes that were expected to emerge was that is affecting many users, and that prevents them from using their webcams. This failure came when the Anniversary Update arrived and so far still it has no solution.
The Powershell crashed
However, a new problem emerged and is affecting new users. This is now in Powershell, which just crashed. The tech giant Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and the solution has to be prepared.
“Due to the missing .mof file in the build package, the DSC update breaks. All DSC operations will result in an “Invalid Property” error. If you are using DSC from or on any Windows client, take the Following steps:
Simply Uninstall the update if already installed …
If using WSUS, do not approve the update. Otherwise, Use Group Policy to set the ‘Configure Automatic Updates’ to ‘2 – Notify for download and notify for install’ … The fix for this issue will be included in the next Windows update Which is due in October 30.08.2016.”
For now, the only solution is to uninstall this update and wait for a new one, so that the new update could simply resolve all these problems at once.
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