How to Remove the Prisma logo watermark from Photos

any of us might have heard about the very popular photo editing app Prisma, basically it transforms your photos into awesome artworks which is already been quite popular on iOS. But, now it is available to all Android Users via Google Play Store. Now many of you might be thinking that what is the Prisma app actually, basically the Prisma app is a photo-editing app which transforms your photos into artworks. However one thing that some users dislike about this app is the Prisma logo watermark which comes with every photo that you click using this app. So, that is why we are here with its solution, yes this watermark can easily be removed with the help of a simple trick in your android. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

The method is very easy and straight and you will just need to edit the settings of the prisma app and it will stop displaying its watermark in your photos. So, for that follow some simple steps stated below.

Steps To Disable Prisma  logo watermark In App:

1. Firstly make sure that you have downloaded and installed this app officially from Google Play store and if not then get it from here.
2. Now after installing launch the app in your android phone and then head towards settings.
3. Now there you will see the option Add watermark by default this option is enabled and you just need to disable the option.

How to Remove the Prisma logo watermark from Photos
4. Just tap on the back option of your device and you will return to the capture mode, just try to click a photo and then you will see the watermark will now get disappeared from the images that you will click now.
How to Remove the Prisma logo watermark from Photos
5. Thats it, you are done.
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