How To Make Money By Unlocking Your Android Phone

As we all know spending money is easier compared to making it, and very often you thought to make some money through your android. There are many apps available on Google Play store that helps you to earn money. However, some of them are spam and others are ineffective. Have you ever thought of making money by simply unlocking the lock screen of your Android smartphone? This is actually possible, you can make money from your Android Lockscreen itself. Let’s know how to make some handy money using your Android’s Lockscreen.

Slidejoy lets you make money to check trending news and to unlock your lock screen! Slidejoy pays you in cash or rewards you in gift cards to have trending news and ads on your lock screen. Redeem cash rewards to your PayPal account or gift card rewards to your favorite retailers/brands.

How To Use SlideJoy?

Step 1. You need to install the App Slidejoy- Lock Screen Cash on your Android device.
How To Make Money By Unlocking Your Android Phone

Step 2. Once You installed the app open it and it will ask you to sign up in order to continue, you can use your Facebook account in order to sign up with SlideJoy.
How To Make Money By Unlocking Your Android Phone

Step 3. Once you signed up, you will be given the full tutorial on how to use Slidejoy in order to earn money from your Lock screen. Simply read the tutorial. Once you register on Slidejoy, every time you unlock your phone, you will get a card with news or a promotion on your lock screen.
How To Make Money By Unlocking Your Android Phone

  • Slide UP on your lock screen to see more news
  • Slide RIGHT on your lock screen to unlock your phone and go to your home screen
  • Slide LEFT on your lock screen to get more information on the content
  • Slide DOWN on your lock screen to access your notifications and app shortcut menu
Step 4. Now you will be taken to the Home screen of your app, where you will be given the bonus of 20 Carats.
How To Make Money By Unlocking Your Android Phone

That’s it you need to use your phone normally in order to earn some money.

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