How to Control an Android Device without any Hardware Buttons

Now-a-days there is the trend where mostly all the smartphones are now controlled with their touch screen, but apart from its almost every control being handled from the touch screen only there are some buttons too on the device that provide control over some of the functions which either are the limitations of the touch screen. There are some smartphones that have only volume rockers and power/lock button but fairly amount of devices do process more number of buttons.Now in case if you has either your device buttons broken or you have any problem with them then you won’t be able to access their functions. Here in this article we will tell you about the method through which you can control the every function of your Android device directly through the touch screen and there will be no need left for the Hardware Buttons.

For this method we shall be using up some applications that will make the usage of on screen space to make up the place for some icons that when tapped or touched resembles the action like that of any hardware button that was decided before in these apps.

Apps to Control an Android Device Without Any Hardware Buttons

How to Control an Android Device without any Hardware Buttons

As the name of this app suggests, this app helps in controlling some of the functions of hardware buttons in the conditions when the buttons of any Android device doesn’t works or is damaged. You just has to install this app on your device from the Google Play store, enable it from the Accessibility settings of the device. You can now access the on screen buttons that this app provides by tapping on the top corner of the screen.You can also add up some other buttons of your liking from the three dot menu from there and you can also create up your own custom task performing button too.There are some of the inbuilt on screen buttons like volume rockers, lock button, home , back and the multitasking all of which performs the designated tasks related to their names and the preferred hardware buttons. And the task is that very simple at the end tap on the corner of the screen and the buttons will launch up even inside other apps and then you can do up your desired hardware buttons related actions easily.

2 Using DTSO app

How to Control an Android Device without any Hardware Buttons

This is the another good app like Button savior app but this performs somewhat differently and has it’s limitations for only locking and unlocking the screen. You can set this app to lock or unlock your device screen by using some of the sensor related gestures or on screen touch movements and in all that you can easily fully remove the need of the lockscreen hardware button of your device.

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