Top 10 Best Websites to Create Avatars Online

Today in this virtual world we keep on uploading lots of pictures or say selfie for your profile picture. You must keep on trying lots of filters and effects but have you ever thought of creating an avatar of yourself? if you haven’t tried it, here is a chance!! With the following mentioned web apps, you can create yourself into avatar as you want in the way. Yes this can be easily done with the help of online websites that can help you to create your desired avatars. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

1. Avachara Avatar

Top 10 Best Websites to Create Avatars Online
Avatar is one of my personal choice. This web page is great and gives you abundance of clothes and accessories to choose from including tiaras. Only this app provides you big amount of options rather than other apps mentioned. First time when you access the app, you will start it by putting your face together and it includes generally the :face, skin color, eyes, etc. When it is completed, move on to fashion that includes all accessories such as guitar and finally wallpaper. Its great if they provide us landscape types of backgrounds but whatever provided is okay as it’s all free. is a tool that helps in creating avatar that is almost close to what I looked like. This app gives us many other features as compared to others such as adding pimples, birthmarks, band-aid, a third-eye, scars, moles, etc. This app also provides feature to set your eyebrow according to your choice i.e.t to give a look like Spock from Star Trek. One thing really interesting about this app is that, it provides us the option of adding middle finger to the avatar. It also gives typical features such as modifying your face, clothes, shoes ,etc.
What other apps are lacking, is available in this app. With the Marvel Superhero avatar tool, you can give your favorite superhero the power or look he or she is lacking like adding wings. When you first access this app, you are asked to choose your hero. What the above picture dictates you is the mix the appearances of Spider-Girl, Elektra and Ms.Marvel in the case of female superhero. In the male superhero, you can mix Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America and many more. You can even mix and match everything on these heroes. Once you gather your hero together, color everything in and send it , save,download and print it.
Top 10 Best Websites to Create Avatars Online
My Blue Robot is another tool for creating avatar web apps. One drawback is it does not provide many options as the previous apps does but it has some unique features such as making eyes, mouth and head bigger by using the magnifying glass with a minus or plus sign inside it. You can set your eyes wider apart or even move them up or down. Another feature that this app provides you it gives you the option of tilting your head to create avatar.
Top 10 Best Websites to Create Avatars Online gives you the scope to turn yourself into an Anime Avatar. The web app allows you to edit your eyes, nose, eyebrows, hair and mouth and even add a ponytail, facial hair and accessories. The app helps you to create an anime avatar from the neck up.
Top 10 Best Websites to Create Avatars Online
Montagraph is a social platform to give you an easy way to make and share your photo montages. With its image editing tools you can create your own templates or use someone else’s templates.

7. Funnywow

Top 10 Best Websites to Create Avatars Online is a place to create funny photos online, allowing you to add FUNNY & COOL photo effects to your images. In Funywow, not any PS skill is needed. Several simple mouse actions can realize your dream. What you should do is select the effect you like, upload the image, and wait for the exciting result.

8. Loogix

Top 10 Best Websites to Create Avatars Online
Although gif is one of the oldest image format animated gif maker is still very popular. The reason is in ability of gif images be animated. With our online software creating of animated gif is an easy task even for beginners. All you need to make a gif is to select images from your computer and click “Create button“.
Top 10 Best Websites to Create Avatars Online
This is the another great site that you will  surely love to try for creating cool avatars online. VicMan Software has been a leader in developing innovative imaging software solutions for about 10 years.

10. BeFunky

Top 10 Best Websites to Create Avatars Online
Last but not the least as this site provides you the lot of cool features to create perfect avatar for you, must visit the site and start exploring its features.
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