June 2016
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There are a few things that can be done in times of grave
emergencies – Your mobile phone can actually be a life
saver or an emergency tool for survival.
Check out the things that you can do with it:-
1. Have you locked your keys in the car?
Does your car have remote keyless entry?This may come
in handy someday.
Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in
the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at
home on their mobile phone from your cell phone.
Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and
have the person at your home press the unlock button,
holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car
will unlock.
Saves someone from having to drive your keys to you.
Distance is no object. You could be hundreds of miles
away, and if you can reach someone who has the other ‘
remote ‘ for your car, you can unlock the doors (or the
2. Hidden Battery Power.
Imagine your mobile battery is very low. To activate,
press the keys *3370#
Your mobile will restart with this reserve and the
instrument will show a 50% increase in battery.
This reserve will get charged when you charge your
mobile next time.
3. Make your phone snappy with faster animations.
One of the most common complaints about Android is
“lagginess.” For whatever reason Google has never been
able to get Android on the same buttery smooth level as
iOS or even Windows Phone. In the last few versions they
have made some serious improvements, but if you still feel
like your phone is a little laggy there is a trick for
speeding things up. Google has hidden some secret
developer options inside the Settings. Inside the secret
developer options is settings for animation and transition
speed. Here’s how to speed things up.
– Open Settings > About phone
– Scroll down and tap on “Build number” 7 times
– Now go back to Settings and you should see new
“Developer options”
– Adjust the window and transition animation scales to
.5x or turn them off completely.
4. Locate and wipe your lost phone.
Losing your phone is one of the worst things that can
happen. These devices contain sensitive information and
private data. If your phone falls into the wrong hands it
could put you in a world of trouble. There are apps you
can download to help in the event of a lost phone, but in
order for them to work you need to have them installed
before something bad happens. Luckily there is a built-in
way to find your lost phone and even wipe all of your
personal data.
– Double-check to make sure Android Device Manager is
– Go to google.com/android/devicemanager
– Select your phone from the menu
– Now you can see the location, ring it, lock it, or erase it
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The new version of JavaScript language has arrived as the ECMA International has approved ECMAScript 2016 specifications. Calling this release a work in progress, the ECMA International has said that ECMAScript 2016 will serve as a base for 2017 release.
The ECMA International has approved ECMAScript 2016 — the latest version of the official JavaScript specifications.
This new release marks the first release in the updated release schedule that was announced back in 2015. The new changes that were brought along, included a plan to push more frequent–yearly, to be precise–updates to the language.
Since the publication of the first ECMAScript specification in 1997, this release marks the seventh edition.
Invented by Brendan Eich, the language first appeared in Netscape Navigator 2.0 browser. With time, it has grown to become one of the world’s most popular general purpose programming languages.
Compared to the previous ECMAScript 2015 release, this one brings less number of features. The ECMA International has also decided to bring the support for async functions next year.
This release also grants the developers a “raise to the power” operator to write mathematical statements more easily.
You might be knowing that popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox already implement the ECMAScript specifications before their official approvals.
The organization calls the current release a work in progress and labels Object.values/Object.entries as a confirmed feature for the next release.

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Google has updated its My Activity page with a brand-new “Bundle View” look that allows you to see all your online activity at a single place. Here, you can sort the activities based on different filters and delete the stuff according to your choice.
Everybody knows that Google is the king of our online world and it knows a great deal about us. It tracks our most activities like search history, the places we travel, and the websites we visit. Google tries to maintain a clean image by making everything public and giving the end-users complete control over their data.
In our previous articles, we have told you how to take a look at your browsing and voice search history and delete them. Now, Google is here with a new My Activity page that shows everything you do online.
Google has called this activity page a central place to view and manage your activity, the most visited websites, and your favorite videos.
The page lists the most recent activity first and groups the similar activities together. You can discover the things you’ve used in the past and delete specific items or entire topics in one go.
It’s a well-known fact that Google uses all these information to serve you better services, suggest more helpful stuff, and display more relevant ads.
However, if you want to delete certain data that Google should exclude, feel free to delete such information.
This My Activity page lists information from Ads, Search, Play, Android, Chrome, YouTube, Image Search, Video Search, News, Maps, Books, Google Now, Finance, Help, Shopping, Developers, and Video Search.
Go ahead, visit the new Google My Activity page and take a look.
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As a result of a legal suit, Microsoft has paid a woman $10,000 over the forced Windows 10 upgrade. The woman said that a forced Windows 10 upgrade–that she didn’t want–made her laptop unusable and left it in a poor state. 

As Microsoft continues to push its Windows 10 free upgrade offer, we are hearing different kinds of stories of mishaps. Well, this time, it looks like their shady practices have backfired as one woman decided to pay a visit to the court.Teri Goldstein of California sued Redmond after her computer system was left in a poor state and prone to crashing after a failed Windows 10 upgrade. As a result, she was unable to use her computer for numerous days.
After facing such problems, Goldstein reached out to Microsoft support to get her issue resolved, only to face disappointment.
So, she decided to file a suit against the software giant. She claimed an amount of $10,000 that included cost compensation as well as a new computer.
Goldstein says that she didn’t want to upgrade her PC to Windows 10. “I had never heard of Windows 10,” she says.
While Redmond appealed the initial judgment, it dropped the same last month. According to a spokesperson, Microsoft took this step to avoid any further litigation expenses.
Having said that, it’s not surprising to see that Microsoft is being bashed for its sketchy upgrade policies. However, the company doesn’t hesitate to deny any wrongdoing on its part.
It’s also interesting to note the timing of this incident as Windows 10 is nearly completing its one year anniversary. The free Windows 10 offer was a great concept but the whole saga could’ve been handled in a more transparent way.
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How to Set Up Local Web Server On Any Android Device

oday for android users we are here withHow to Set Up a Local Web Server on Any Android. Android is a very smart device that allows users to use lots of things on it. Till now, we have discussed lots of hacks and tricks for android. Similarly, we are here talking about how to setup a local web server on your android device which is not a big deal. You can debug your apps, scripts and see your web pages that you code and lots of things that you want to test before putting it online. Therefore, you need a local server where you can test out your codes and for that, you will have to follow the complete guide below to set up this local server on your android itself.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download and install a cool android app that is KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL in your device. Now move to the address localhost:8080 in your android browser and there you will see default page of KSWEB.

How to Set Up Local Web Server On Any Android Device

Step 2. Now visit the URL that is your admin page and its default username is root or admin and password is also root or admin. After entering admin panel change your username and password for security reasons.

How to Set Up Local Web Server On Any Android Device

Step 3. Now after setting up different username and password for you local server you are done with setup local machine control and now time to set up phpMyAdmin.

How to Set Up Local Web Server On Any Android Device

Step 4. Now move ahead to KSWEB app and then there in tools tab install phpMyAdmin and download it which will be around 7MB.

How to Set Up Local Web Server On Any Android Device

Step 5. Now after installation, you will able to navigate to phpMyAdmin at the address Your default username of this admin panel is root and leave the password field blank and logged in, And after logging its recommended to change the password.
Step 6. Now if you want to change the default path of root folder then you can do that also as the default path is /mnt/sdcard/htdocs and you can change by visiting  Lighttpd tab and then setting up any different path.

How to Set Up Local Web Server On Any Android Device

That’s it! you are down, now your local web server is ready to run your sites, apps and lots of scripts that you wish to test before taking them online.

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How To Install Windows 10 On Mac Using Bootcamp

For Mac users, we are here with the method for How To Install Windows 10 On Mac Using Bootcamp. Windows 10 is a cool operating system and comes with lots of new features. Many old users have already installed the latest version of Windows in their PC because the update was officially provided by Microsoft for its windows users to Upgrade To Windows 10. Now Mac user can get the latest Windows 10 on their PC using the complete guide that we have discussed in this post. So proceed with the way to install windows 10 on Mac.

This process is simple and it requires some patience to complete. You just have to follow some simple steps to install this cool windows in your Mac using BootCamp loader. So proceed with the steps below.

Step 1. First of all, make sure that your computer meets the windows 10 requirements that you want to install on it. You can google windows 10 requirement and compare it with yourMac configuration.

How To Install Windows 10 On Mac Using Bootcamp

Step 2. Now get the Windows 10 ISO File to install it on your Mac Os. Now create a bootable Pendrive of windows 10 using the toolUNetbootin.

How To Install Windows 10 On Mac Using Bootcamp

Step 3. Now launch the Bootcamp assistant software to create and configure the windows  partitions. Use Bootcamp assistant software and choose the size of partitions that you preferred to make and don’t forget the minimum needed space for installing windows

How To Install Windows 10 On Mac Using Bootcamp

Note: Make sure windows must be installed on your device system internal disk using Bootcampas Apple does not  support to install windows OS on external space of it.

Step 4. Now use the boot camp software and choose the option “Start Windows Installer” then insert the windows 10 bootable USB. And then just follows the installation steps to proceed (only select correct partition while installing windows)

How To Install Windows 10 On Mac Using Bootcamp

That’s it! you are done with your installation. Now you can experience all the cool features of Windows 10.

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An angry mob on Wednesday set ablaze a suspected member of a gang of serial rapists that had terrorised Ughelli and its neighbouring communities in Delta State.
No fewer than four ladies, including the wife of a popular hotelier in the metropolis, had been raped by the gang of rapists in the last two weeks.
One of the victims lost her life in the process.
The group, according to residents, specialises in raping and attacking salesgirls and middle-aged women.
Luck, however, ran out on the suspected member of the group on Wednesday when he allegedly attempted to rape a salesgirl (name withheld) at the Adagharagba Junction near the Ughelli Central Market.
He was said to have been apprehended by the residents.
It was gathered that the suspect was apprehended by a mob at about 11.30am when he attempted to rape the salesgirl.
A resident, who witnessed the incident, told our correspondent that there had been a lot of killings and rape by a group of young men who targeted salesgirls and female traders within Ughelli and its environs.
The source noted that the suspected rapist had confessed that he was a member of a three-member gang that raped salesgirls and female traders in the community.
The suspect, who hailed from Oroahakpor community in Ethiope-West Local Government Area of the state, reportedly said other members of the gang fled on sighting the mob.
Another eyewitness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, “The hoodlums pretended to be customers buying things in bulk and that was why they were allowed to enter the store. The next thing we heard was the screaming of the salesgirl and we immediately rushed in only to see that that she had been attacked; she was bleeding.
“The mob pursued the suspects, who had fled the scene. They caught up with one of them at the Omotor Junction, where he was set ablaze before the arrival of security agents.”
The salesgirl, while recounting her ordeal at the Accident and Emergency Unit of the Ughelli Central Hospital where she was receiving treatment, said the suspects came under the guise of wanting to purchase items from the store.
She said, “One of them hit me on the head and I screamed.I was rescued by a male neighbour, who rushed to the shop, after the suspects had fled the scene.”
It was later gathered that another member of the group was arrested along Market Road by policemen from the Ughelli Police Division.
The spokesperson for the Delta State Police Command, SP Celestina Kalu, said she had not been briefed on the incident.
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Turkish officials have said 41 people were killed and 239 others were injured in Tuesday night’s triple suicide bombing at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.
Among the dead were 13 foreign nationals.
An Iranian and a Ukrainian have been confirmed as the first foreign victims in the Istanbul airport suicide attack, a Turkish official said Wednesday.
“I confirm one Iranian and one Ukrainian national have been killed in yesterday’s terror attack,” the official told reporters on condition of anonymity.
Prime Minister Binali Yildrim had said early Wednesday that 36 people were killed, but the figure has now risen according to officials.
Iran’s Tasnim news agency quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi as saying five Iranian nationals had been injured in addition to the person killed.
Turkey has blamed Islamic State jihadists for the suicide bombing and gun attack at Istanbul’s main international airport.
Witnesses described scenes of terror and panic as the attackers opened fire and then blew themselves up at the entrance to the international arrivals terminal at the Ataturk airport, one of Europe’s busiest hubs.
The assault, at the start of Turkey’s crucial summer tourist season, was the deadliest of four attacks to rock the country’s biggest city this year.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Tuesday’s carnage but Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said “the evidence points to Daesh”, using another name for the jihadist group.
Yildirim told reporters at the scene that the dead included foreigners.
The attack prompted the suspension of all flights at the airport, but operations were resuming on Wednesday with some delays.
Bullet impacts pictured at the airport. AFP PHOTO
‘I can’t find my sister’
An AFP photographer saw bodies covered with sheets at the terminal, which suffered considerable damage but was being repaired on Wednesday.
Bullet holes peppered the windows and shattered glass lay on the floor, while abandoned luggage was scattered everywhere.
Hundreds of police and firefighters including forensic officers were at the scene.
“Somebody came and shot at us and then my sister ran,” Otfah Mohamed Abdullah told AFP.
“I don’t know which way she ran and after that I fell down. I was on the ground till he (the gunman) stopped… I can’t find my sister.”
“Everybody started running in different directions when the shooting started. I hid under the counter where I was standing and a couple of the ground staff did the same,” South African university administrator Judy Favish told eNCA television in her home country.
Favish said she and other travellers were ushered to the basement before emerging about two hours later.
“We walked through the airport and saw debris and blood. It was just chaos. It was horrible.”
There was chaos at the nearest hospital in Istanbul’s Bakirkoy district, which was inundated with relatives desperate for news of loved ones.

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An Ikeja Chief Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday remanded a 19-year-old student, Joseph Urama, in prison for pleading guilty to defiling a neighbour’s five-year-old daughter.
The Chief Magistrate, Mr Tajudeen Elias, ordered the remand of the accused at the Kirikiri Prisons and adjourned the case to August 1 for facts and sentencing.
The accused, a student, who lives at Papa Ashafa area of Agege, a suburb of Lagos, is being tried for alleged defilement.
The prosecutor, Sgt. Rapheal Donny, told the court that the offence was committed on June 22 at the residence of the accused.
Donny alleged that the accused was caught by the victim’s mother while defiling her five – year-old daughter.
He said the offence contravened Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.
The accused pleaded guilty to the charge.

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A police sergeant, Yusuf Hadi, has been ambushed and shot dead by suspected militants while in a boat on Ishuti River in the Egan area of Igando, Lagos State.
Our correspondent learnt that the gunmen, who were in another boat, attacked Hadi, who was attached to the Police Mobile Force 43, two female passengers, and the boat operator around the Agbara Bridge, towards Totowu community in Ogun State.
PUNCH Metro gathered that the incident occurred at about 3pm on Monday, and was reported at the Igando Police Division.
Some policemen at the Igando division were said to have rushed the sergeant to a private hospital but he did not survive the attack.
It was learnt that the militants, believed to be pipeline vandals, also dispossessed the ladies of their phones and money, before ordering Hadi to lie flat in the boat.
The sergeant, who was in uniform as of the time of the attack, was said to have begged his assailants to spare his life.
However, the vandals said he was an enemy and fired him first in the leg.
Thereafter, they reportedly pumped bullets                                                                                           into his body.
It was gathered that the boat operator and female passengers ferried Hadi to Ishuti, Egan, where some policemen from the Igando division rushed him to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead.
When PUNCH Metro got to the Ishuti River on Tuesday, a witness, who gave his name only as Otunba, said the militants were three.
He said, “The three gunmen came in a fibre boat around 3pm. They waylaid the policeman’s boat around the Agbara Bridge area. They ordered the policeman to enter their boat and he did. He begged them to spare his life. But they said he was an enemy and ordered him to lie down in the boat. They first shot at his leg.
“Then they robbed the female passengers and the boat operator, collecting money, phones and jewellery. They returned to the policeman and they rained bullets on him. The militants instructed the boat operator not to drive away until the sergeant was dead.
“It was around 3.30pm that the boat got to Egan. Policemen from Igando division were here to receive the sergeant. His commander also came to check him, but he had died. If there had been a helicopter patrol around the bridge, the militants could have been spotted and arrested.”
The chairman of the boat operators, Ishuti River Unit, Alhaji Nurudeen Olorunfemi, urged the government to have military surveillance around the Agbara Bridge, which he said was notorious for militants’ attacks.
He said, “The Ishuti River, flows to Totowu, Itele and Agbara areas of Ogun State. The boat operator who was attacked is one of our members. He told us that the gunmen felt intimidated by the presence of the policeman.
“The ladies came back without their money and phones. Policemen from Igando were here on Monday and Tuesday to assess the area. Although the place of robbery fell under Ogun State, here was the nearest hospital the sergeant could have been rushed to. He, however, did not make it.
“It could happen to anyone. I urge the government to station military officers around the Agbara Bridge. That area is notorious for militants’ attacks. From the Agbara Bridge, you can connect the Lagos Lagoon. If the government ensures security on the waterways, this will not happen again.
“On our own part, we take safety measures. We allow only registered boat operators. Any strange face that brings a boat here is reported to the police. We also use lifejackets and adhere to the regulations given by the state government.”
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the killing.
She added that the command was working with the Ogun State Police Command to get to the root of the incident.
She said, “Hadi, with Force Number 397842, was shot dead by hoodlums in a boat on the Totowu Waterway in Ogun State, while on transit to Lagos.
“The shooting was done in a yet-to-be-determined circumstance. The corpse has been deposited in a morgue for an autopsy.
 “Although the incident occurred under the Ogun State jurisdiction, the command will partner the Ogun command to get to the root of the matter.”
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How to Make E-Books with Google Docs

While you are making your documents on either Microsoft Word or on Google Docs that both are most popular software to work on your documents, you might want to turn up your work to PDF file for any reasons. This can be important for some users also to transform their creations into PDF files. To convert your documents into PDF files you will have to go through some method so that you can ultimately change your Google Docs documents into PDF files. Here in this article we have discussed about the method for converting or making eBooks with Google Docs, just go through it as it is given below.

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow some simple straight guide that will help you to easily convert the files, So follow some simple steps below to proceed.

1. First of all make your documents on either Google Docs or Microsoft Word and then save them on your local Drive.
2. After that Open up your Google Drive account i.e cloud storage account if you have it and if you had not created it still then you have to first create it and then open it up on your device.
3. Now find the file for the documents that you had created and saved before, and then upload it to the Google Drive. This should be done correctly unless your file would get corrupted and cannot be accessed later on.
How to Make E-Books with Google Docs

4. At last, you have to download the same file that you have uploaded on the Google Drive but before downloading you will have to set the file format to the ePub, eBook or PDF. You can do this easily from the options available on the Google Drive.
5.Your document files will be then downloaded as a PDF file, ePub file etc. You can access then as other common files with such formats.
If you don’t want to go for this process then there are some applications for PC like Adobe Stanza and Calibre which you can use to convert your files to the different formats that include PDF, ePUB, ebooks etc.

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How to Cast Android Screen on your Smart TV

Android is one of the exceptionally built operating systems for mobile devices and the looks of the UI that you can experience on the android, that you cannot find on any other OS. This is the reason why most of the people tend to use up the android devices. Unfortunately the Android is available only for mobiles and tablets and for some of the large screen devices but is not at available for many other large screen devices like TVs etc. Users might want to experience the Android features on the large screen but because of it’s unavailability for those devices it is not possible yet. But wait! there is one way by which you can mirror up your android device screen on your TV. Want to know about the method how you can do so? Then go ahead and read this article that is given below.

You will require a device running on Android 4.4.2 or above, and a Chrome cast device. And need to follow some of the simple steps discussed below to proceed.

1. Method: Casting Screen On Screen Cast Available TVs

How to Cast Android Screen on your Smart TV

For the devices that are running on Android 4.4.2 or the earlier version, Google has made a great feature for them as these devices are capable of mirroring or casting their android screen directly to their Smart TV. They won’t even need to connect through any cable and can just has to select the option “Cast Screen” from thenotification drop down menu. You can also stop casting your screen from the same button of the drop down menu.

2. Method: Using Chromecast

1. First of all connect your Android device and theChromecast to the same network connection.
2. Install up the Google Cast app from the Google Play store to your Android and after that launch it on your device. Inside the app just click on thenavigation drawer from the top left corner of your device screen and then from the menu just select the option “Cast Screen

How to Cast Android Screen on your Smart TV

3. Now just select your chromecast and set up the connection. You can see after that your Android screen will be casted to your TV.

So above is all about How to Cast Android Screen on Your TV. Using up these method that is given above in this article will help you to project your Android screen to the TV screen and hence you can enjoy up the Android experience on your Large screen TV. This method is the simplest way by which you can cast your Android screen and you can also get out great performance too. So, go and try this method if you are willing to set up your Android screen on your TV.
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A 28-year-old woman, Ifeoma Daniel, has been arrested by the police in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, for allegedly turning six girls to sex slaves.
PUNCH Metro learnt that Daniel, who hails from Ahiazu Mbaise, Imo State, and a suspected accomplice, Collins Madueke, 28, were arrested in the Apo area by the Special Intelligence Response Team of the Inspector-General of Police.
Our correspondent gathered that the six victims, whose ages ranged from 19 to 22, were found locked up in a room before the police rescued and handed them over to officials of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and other related matters.
Our correspondent learnt that the girls were rescued on Friday, June 17, 2016.
The victims – Chidinma Amakwe, Blessing John, Nancy Azubuike, Chiamaka Eze, Amarachi Chinedu and Beauty Ndulue – reportedly told the police that they were lured by the suspects to Abuja to become commercial sex workers.
They said they were promised N200,000 after six months.
Speaking with PUNCH Metro, Daniel, a mother of two, said she brought two of the girls from their villages.
She said, “I have two children, Akunnaya and Charity. I divorced my husband three years ago because he always beat me. I went into commercial sex work as a means of survival. I started the work in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. I was told commercial sex was more lucrative in Abuja, so I relocated here in 2015.
“I operated in the Apo area. I thought I could make more money by recruiting some girls to work for me. I brought the girls and the agreement was that I would pay them N100, 000 after six months. I also promised to take care of their feeding.
“I brought only two of the girls – Chinedu and John. The other girls were brought by two women known as Mama Cynthia and Azonto.”
 Madueke, who hails from Nsukka, Enugu State, denied working with Daniel to recruit the victims for commercial sex work.
He said, “I worked as a hairdresser. In the first week of June, I was in my shop when Chinedu (one of the girls) approached me saying she wanted to learn hairdressing. The following day, she came back with four other girls and they all said they wanted to learn as well. I know them as apprentices.”
One of the victims, Azubuike, 20, said she slept with no fewer than 15 men in a day, adding that Daniel made N20,000 from her daily.
She said, “I hail from Mbaise, Imo State. I dropped out of secondary school. My parents were aware that I wanted to go to Abuja to learn a vocation. My friend told me it would be commercial sex work. What I did not understand was that we would be locked up in a room.
“I slept with no fewer than 15 men in a day because they loved my services and always asked for more. I normally made between N15,000 and N20,000 every day, but the money went to madam (Daniel). I was asked to stay with her because there was no accommodation. The police stormed the place where we were locked up and rescued us.”
Another victim, John, 19, who hails from Aba, Abia State, said, “It was one Aunty Joy who brought me to Abuja and handed me over to Madam Azonto. Madam Azonto promised to give me N200,000 after six months if I agreed to be a commercial sex worker.
“She kept me in a room with the other girls and brought our food to the same room. Every evening, we were taken out to different joints where we slept with several men. I normally collected N1,000 per round from customers.”
Our correspondent learnt that a man, who stayed in the neighbourhood where the girls were locked up, gave the police a tip-off.
A police source said, “The girls were kept in the room and someone usually brought food for them through the window. When we got there, we forced the door open and we discovered that there were six girls.”
Our correspondent gathered that the police were making efforts to arrest the fleeing members of the syndicate.
The Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olabisi Kolawole, had yet to reply to a text message sent to her phone on the arrest.
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he Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has seized 29 properties from the immediate past Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu; a former Chief of Accounts and Budgeting in NAF, Air Vice Marshal Jacob Adigun (retd.); and a former Director of Finance and Budget, Air Commodore Olugbenga Gbadebo (retd.).
No fewer than 11 properties were seized from Amosu; 12 were seized from Adigun and six from Gbadebo.
Our correspondent learnt on Sunday that the properties included three plazas, six mansions, a quarry, a hospital, a block of flats, animal farms, a school, two hotels, some uncompleted buildings and some parcels of land.
According to documents made available exclusively to The PUNCH, the properties were acquired mostly in 2014.
The properties seized from Adigun were said to be worth N9.6bn.
Some of the properties include a shopping plaza known as Capadar Plaza on Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, which is worth N980m; a residential mansion on Lake Chad Street, Maitama, Abuja, worth N450m; an executive mansion in Imo River Close, Off Dandube Crescent, Maitama, worth N710m and a four-unit terrace on Agadez Street, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, worth N720m.
Other properties, said to belong to Adigun, include a 35-room uncompleted hotel on Salt Lake Street, Maitama, Abuja; a parcel of land located on Bourdillon Street, Ikoyi, Lagos; a block of 12 service flats, located on Agodogba Street, Park View Estate, Ikoyi, said to be worth N1.8bn and a quarry in Bwari area of Abuja worth about $694,000.
The source added that all the properties had been temporarily seized.
He added, “Adigun spent most of his own share of the money on properties and so we did not recover much cash from him. Amosu, however, returned over N2.3bn and raised two bank drafts.”
He added that some of the properties seized from Amosu included a house on Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, worth N250m; a duplex at House 11, Peace Court Estate, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, worth N110m; a N40m property located at NAF Harmony Estate, Asokoro Base and a five-bedroomed house at Valley NAF Estate, Port Harcourt, worth N33m.
Others include a hospital on Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, known as St. Solomon Hospital with equipment worth $2.15m and a N95m house on Umaru Dikko Street, Jabi, Abuja.
The properties seized from Gbadebo include a fish farm worth N10m; a N20m poultry, located at Musa Close, Oyibo Ayobu, Lagos and a school known as Bloomsville International School, Divine Estate, Isheri-Olofin , off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.
The three suspects will be arraigned by the anti-graft agency this week.
The retired military officers were accused of diverting public funds to the tune of N21,467,674,707.43 in 2014.
Others charged alongside the accused persons are Delfina Oil and Gas Limited, McCallan Oil and Gas Limited, Hebron Housing and Properties Company Limited, Trapezites BDC, Funds and Pricey Limited, Degree Oil and Gas Limited, Timsegg Investment Limited and Solomon Healthcare Limited.
One of the charges read in part, “That you (accused persons) on or about the 5th day of March 2014 in Lagos, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, conspired amongst yourselves to commit an offence to wit conversion of the sum of N21,467,674,707.43, property of the Nigerian Air Force which was derived from stealing which is contrary to Section18 (A) of the Money Laundering Act of 2012 (as amended) and punishable under Section 15 (3) of the same Act.”
According to other charges, the accused persons had allegedly used some of the aforementioned companies, which they own, to award phantom contracts to themselves.
A prosecution witness for the EFCC, in a case against a former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh (retd.), had revealed in court how N558m was diverted from the accounts of the air force monthly.
The EFCC was said to have based its investigation on the alleged diversion of N558m and the diversion of funds allocated to the Nigerian Air Force for the procurement of arms, fighter jets and other equipment.
Amosu and his predecessor, Badeh, were, in January, arrested for the non-specification of procurement costs, absence of contract agreements, award of contracts beyond authorised thresholds, transfer of public funds for unidentified purposes and general non-adherence to provisions of the Public Procurement Act.
The investigation also centred on the payment of N4,402,687,569.41 for unexecuted contracts; the procurement of two used Mi-24V helicopters instead of the recommended Mi-35M series at $136,944,000.00; four used Alpha-Jets for the NAF at US$7,180,000, funded by ONSA; the cannibalisation of engines from NAF fleet to justify procurement of jets; and the excessive pricing of 36D6 Low Level Air Defence Radar at $33m instead of $6m per one.
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A middle-aged man, identified as Mallam Yusuf Bala, on Sunday at Singer Market, Fagge Local Government Area of Kano State forfeited his five-year-old son for a bag of rice.
According to an eyewitness account, Bala approached the rice dealer, Alhaji Suleiman Bagudu, to buy a bag of rice, which he carried home but left his son, with a promise to rush home to bring the money for the foodstuff.
This, he said, was because the money on him was not enough to pay for the bag of rice, selling for N14,000 per 50kg bag.
However, six hours after, the said man failed to show up as promised to settle the rice dealer and collect his son.
According to the source, the rice dealer became suspicious, following the Bala’s prolonged absence, a situation that prompted the trader to interrogate the toddler he left behind.
On interrogation, the five-year-old boy innocently led the rice dealer to their home, located at the abattoir area of Koki in Dala Local Government Area of the state.
Despite expressing embarrassment when the rice dealer arrived his home, alongside his child, Bala openly confessed that he was financially handicapped, hence his unbecoming conduct by abandoning his son as a last resort.
Shortly after listening to Bala’s explanation, the rice dealer donated the bag of rice to him and handed over the boy to his father.
When contacted by our correspondent, the Police Public Relations Officer, Kano State Police Command, DSP Musa Magaji Majia, said the incident had not been reported to him, promising to brief the press as soon as the aggrieved party reported the incident. But as of the time of filing this report, Majia had not called our correspondent.