How to Use MTN BBLITED  on Android With any VPN

Before you get started, make sure that you’ve an active MTN BBLITE plan on your android device. 

Use any of the below BBLITE plans>> 

For daily plan (#100) text BBLITED to 21600– 5GB data limit >> 
For weekly plan (#350) text BBLITEW to 21600– 8GB data limit >> 
For monthly plan (#1000) text BBLITEM to 21600– 30GB data limit

 How to use MTN BIS on Android Phones using Netify VPN1

1. Firstly, download the Netify VPN app from here and install on your android smartphone. 

2. After that, launch the handler menu, tick “Remove port” box, scroll down, under proxy type, select “Dual Real Host”, on custom header select “X-Online-Host” and input “” on proxy server field and select “HTTP” on Real Proxy Type. You can check the below image for clarification. 

3. Clicksave…continue… 

4. Now, once you get to the main menu,click on the Netify VPN icon to enter the other settings menu. 

5. Once you get there, tick the following… sound, connect through HTTP, using the following settings and then setup Host address to “” and port to “8080” as seen in the image below. 

6. Now go back and click connect! That’s it on how to setup MTN BIS to work on android phones via Netify

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