In the time it took for this Dark Souls board game to get crowdfunded, you probably died seven times.

The Dark Souls board game comes to Kickstarter
A work-in-progress shot of Dark Souls: The Board Game.
A board game based on the immensely popular (and punishingly difficult) Dark Souls video game series hit Kickstarter on Wednesday. The officially licensed tabletop game reached its £50,000 funding goal in three minutes. I did say it was popular.
Designed by Steamforged Games, the board game adapts the strategic dungeon crawling and the fast, deadly combat of Namco Bandai’s video games. And if you’re a self-confessed board game nerd (guilty), the stunning miniatures alone are worth the price of admission.
While the cheaper early bird tier is gone, hack-and-slashers can still pledge £80 (around $115 or AU$150, plus shipping) for a copy of the game and included stretch goal rewards. Given that it’s at the time of writing received over £300,000 in pledges, expect stretch goals aplenty.
The Dark Souls board game comes to Kickstarter
You can take some time out from hurling vile obscenities at the screen while playing Dark Souls 3 and check out a gameplay video onthe game’s Kickstarter page.



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