Unlocking your MIFI (Mobile Wi-Fi) modem gives you the opportunity to use any other network provider SIM other than the one lock to it. In this tutorial i will break it down how i unlocked my Huawei E5372 Mi-fi modemfrom Spectranet and using it on Swift Networks, MTN or any other network provider of my choice.

How to Unlock Huawei E5372 LTE Mobile WiFi Modem and Browse Free

The Huawei E5372 is a mobile modem router that supports 4G LTE which uses the conventional SIM card. Each of the E5372 modem sold of any network provider is tied the particular network service, inserting any other SIM card won’t work except unlock. When unlocked, the Huawei E5372 Mi-Fi router can work with any GSM SIM card or any ISP that provides 4G LTE service. Currently, the major 4G LTE service provider in Nigeria are SwiftSpectranetSmiles.
Follow the steps and procedures outlined below to unlock your  Huawei E5372 modem
  1. Power off your E5372 mifi modem
  2. Note and write down the IMEI Number of your modem.
  3. Next step will be to get your modem unlocking code from any reliable Huawei Code Calculator.
  4. Most of online code calculator do require a small amount of fee ranging from $5 to $10 but you can get if for Free from modem unlock, visit this the direct link Huawei Code Calculator.
  5. Insert any other network service provider SIM (Invalid SIM) and Turn on your mifi modem.
  6. Connect with the modem to your PC via the Wi-fi
  7. Type  (Which is Default Interface of your mifi Router) into your browser, it will indicate an invalid or Locked SIM with a pop-up to enter the unlock code
  8. Enter the unlocking code generated with your IMEI from the Huawei Code Calculator
  10. Enjoy ..!! (Your router is unlocked)
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