How to read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing

Hello everyone i’m joshtech i’m to teach steps on how to read a whatapps message without the sender knowing it read carefully and understand.
• When you receive a potentially-problematic WhatsApp message do NOT open it.
• Instead, navigate to the settings on your device – drag up from the bottom for Control Centre on iOS, to down from the top for the Quick Settings in Android – and switch-on Airplane Mode.
• Now that you have cut-off any data to and from your smartphone you can safely launch the WhatsApp app.
• You might have to dismiss a warning pop-up about the app not working correctly inAirplane Mode, but then you’re free to navigate to the message or image of your choice and have a read.
• Next close the app completely – iOS users can double-tap on the home button and swipe-up on the WhatsApp preview pane, while Android smartphone owners should tap the multitask button and swipe the preview to the left to dismiss it.
• Once the app is closed, it is safe to turn-offAirplane Mode.
Remember – the next time you launch WhatsApp without Airplane Mode enabled, the blue ticks will re-appear.

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