Step-By-Step Procedures:

  • Create a New Account.
  • Do not verify your number yet. 
  • Now Go to the Lucky Patcher app, Locate the Sliide app from the list.
  • Click on it and Select Open Menu Of Patches then Select Remove License VerificationsAutomodes and Patch the app.
  • Once completed proceed to verify your number and use your existing promotion code
  • Making sure you now have exactly 110 credits.
  • Open the CheatDriod App, Locate the Sliide airtime app from the list,
  • Open it and select “ng_sliide.xml” from the list.
  • Under this menu, you will see everything about the app and can alter exactly anything.
  • Just click on “ng_sliide_balance”.
  • Input the value of Airtime you need but not more than 4 digits else you get banned, Cash out should not exceed 1000 a day. If the server rewrites the airtime after cashing out just repeat steps.
How To Get Unlimited Free Airtime With Sliide Airtime Using CheatDroid And Lucky Patcher
Note: Do this at your own risk, We won’t be held responsible if your account get banned (That’s why i suggested opening a new and fresh account.
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  1. Afa… Don't no(sane)body do this trick….

    ..removing an app's license verification only allows lucky patcher to respond to Google's question of if the app's signature has been tampered with– which is as an implication of inconsistently patching the (regardede) app…

    …it in no way involves alternating information being requested by Sliide airtime to Sliide servers in which case ultimately results to you and lucky patcher not having any power over the Internet's automized-and-computerized update and re-updated original value associated with the account involved… …u can only achieve this dumb cheat if u or lucky patcher have access to Sliide airtime servers– in which scenario would mean that you're a fully-fleshed hacker and would in fact need no use of little-ol' lucky patcher

    …….even illiterates should know this dumb fact


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