So many people still find it difficult to crack wireless, well without saying much
your success of cracking the wpa wireless key is determined by how good your dictionary wordlist, for this tutorial i will add my wordlist i used in bruteforce attacks and it has been working fine
for me.

Tools for the tutorials

1. any linux operations with “airmon-ng install” i recommend you use KALI LINUX, it has everything install

2. A wireless card that support monitor mode. most laptops already have this as their internal network card or you cab by an external wireless card

3. A Good wordlist file , Download wordlist

4. patience

Let’s get start, assuming you have everything listed.

first open Terminal on kali or your choice of linux OS
assuming you have the tools installed on your linux machine

you can just use the keyboard shortcut: ctrl + alt + t.

moving, lets get down to the main stuff.
first we have to put our wireless device into monitor mode, so that it can capture the wireless access points that are around us.
to put our wireless card in monitor mode,
Type: airmon-ng start wlan0

                                                                                                                                    now our wireless card is on monitor mode, we will no longer be able to connect to wireless network around.

for some people monitor will be enable on mon0 while other will be enabled on wlan0mon, so what ever one you find your self you are still in the right track, just substitute it for your own.

Note: There is a warning when you run airmon-ng, telling you kill some running  process will affect airmon-ng from working properly.

just type kill and the PID number of those processes you want to kill

“kill 2419 3315 3465” Enter

Now the next step is to start monitoring the wireless access points that are around you, using airodump-ng comman

airodump-ng mon0″ or “airmong-ng wlan0mon” depend on where your monitor mode is enabled on. give a few second you will start seeing all the wireless network around you and the type of encryption they are using as well as their names.

find your choice of wireless target that you want to hack and we will set airodump-ng to focus on it and start monitoring just that one wireless access point;
tyep: airodump-ng –bssid {mac address of the target} -c {the channel of the access point} -w targetname mon0 or wlan0mon

 then it will start capturing data from that wireless access point and storing it to the location you have selected “home dir”.

then we wait some one to connect to the wireless so we can capture the wireless handshake, for password authentication.
  waiting for this may take for ever, assuming if nobody is going to connect soon. but there is a way to make this happen faster, all we have to do is disconnect the clients that are already connected to the wireless, so when their system is reconnecting we can capture the handshake we are looking for. To do this we use a tool call aireplay-ng.
open new terminal window
type ” aireplay-ng –deauth 0 -a {mac address of the access point} wlan0mon or mon0

let me explain the command;
–deauth { ‘0’ deconnect the all the clients without stopping if they reconnect, if you add a number like ‘100’ it means disconnect the clients of the access point 100 times}
-a {this is mac addresss of the wireless access point}
-c {you use this is you want to focus on just one connected client:  add there mac address after the “-c 00:11:22:33:44:55” like that.

moving on, assuming you have already capture your handshake.
press control + c to stop the running process

then it is time to crack the captured WPA handshake file.

open new tab{ ctrl + shift + T }

to crack type
Download wordlist“aircrack-ng targetname.cap -w password.txt”

-w { wordlist file, containing passwords}
download wordlist

press ENTER

then just wait and get the password

and there you have it………….just drop a comment if you miss any step.


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