Nigeria was among the Countries blacklisted by PayPal, because of this, we were not Opportune to open a PayPal Account. When this was done, Nigerians developed other means of using of PayPal which was by hiding their IP address and changing it to USA.
But today, Nigerians can now open and verify Their PayPal account without hiding their Nigeria IP and can now use their PayPal without been banned. Though Nigerians are restricted to receiving funds on the account but it’s better and still meaningful since Payment Of Goods And Services are still enabled.

How To Create & Verify Your PayPal Account In Nigeria

Here are the required steps I took when I created & verified my personal PayPal account with my Naira Visa-Card:

  1. Visit The PayPal’s Official Website and click on The Sign-Up Button.
  2. Under The Country Tab, Select Nigeria as your country.
  3. Fill all the Empty Boxes With Your Correct Details. Note: Use a valid email When Registering.
  4. Your Account Type should be chosen as Individual.
  5. Read and accept their Terms and Condition and Click the Create Account button.
  6. On The Next Page, You will be Prompted to enter your card details. {i.e Your Card Number, Expiry date, and the 3 digits number at the back of the card}.
  7. Your Billing address Must Correspond With The address you used to open your bank account.
  8. Click On The Continue Button to proceed to your account where you will be asked to Verify your email Address using the Verification link sent to your mail.
  9. Sign-in to your email account, you will see a Message sent to you from PayPal, Click on the Message To Open The Content Then Click The Verification link to verify your email.
  10. You will be Redirected to PayPal, where you will be Prompted to enter your password to Sign in to your PayPal account.
  11. A new page will show telling you to verify your card Details.
  12. PayPal will charge the card $1.95 to confirm that the card is yours. Note: The Deducted Money will Be Refunded within 24 hours.
  13. You will receive a debit alert from your bank and you will see 4-digits code with the PayPal Tag Informing you about the $1.95 charge. Note: The Code Is In This Format PP*0000CODE, where 0000 is the 4-digits code.
  14. Return to your PayPal again and click on Confirm my Card then enter the 4-digits code you received Then click The “Confirm Card”
  15. You Will Get A Congratulation message If Your Account Has Been Verified. Note: Your PayPal Account status should be verified.
  16. You can now start To make payments online Using Your Paypal Account.

Note: You Don’t Need To Fund your PayPal account because whenever you use it to make payments, the card linked to your PayPal will be charged.

Now you can create your individual personal PayPal account without stress! Drop your comment for me to assist you, kindly Like & Share this post! Enjoy!!!…


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