New Android Chrome Update Could Reduce Data Usage By 70%

An update to Chrome for Android strips images from mobile web pages, reducing loading times and data usage.
Google is rolling out an improvement to the Android version of Chrome that is primarily intended for users in emerging economies, but which will likely been a boon to Android owners worldwide. The newest version of Chrome for Android has an improveddata saver mode that removes most images from pages being loaded via a slow connection.
According to Tal Oppenheimer, a Google product manager, the new functionality could save users up to 70% on data usage.

New Android Chrome Update Could Reduce Data Usage By 70%

The update essentially offers an image-free web, and reduces the amount of data downloaded from a webpage. It also cuts down on the amount of advertising users see as it filters out advertisements that contain images and video, and only allows text-based ads, which means Google AdWords will not be blocked.
Users in Indonesia and India will have access to the new data saver first, with access rolling out to more countries in the coming months.



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