With the presence of the cloud, and all the services which have sprung up to offer something to consumers looking to store their files for easy access on the go or from anywhere, it’s truly never been simpler to make sure you always have what you need on hand from documents, to pictures to videos and more. Perhaps the only downside is that sometimes it may be more difficult than some have imagined to actually find what they’ve been keeping in the cloud. Google has tried to rectify this with the latest updateto Google Drive in which they emphasize that it has to “be super easy to find your files.”
If you’re someone who has never really had an issue with this sort of thing, then consider this a beneficial update that will just make things a little more convenient. For anyone else who has truly gone through the day to day struggle of hunting and pecking for that one file you stored inGoogle Drive a month ago, this is likely to be a very exciting set of improvements. Among the changes, Google has made it possible to search for the specific files or file types that users are looking for by simply typing that search query in the search bar. This is something that is available across all platforms on which Drive is accessible, and this is also where users can now find the advanced search options if they need them.
Google boasts that these changes to make searching for files a simpler process also makes searching for what you want or need a much faster process too, so all in all, this should be a pretty noticeable improvement to the user experience of the service, no matter where you tend to use it the most. If you share files with other users, those people can now search for that shared file with filters of the original owners name or email address. This update may begin to start showing for some users across the varied available platforms, but Google also states that the rollout will happen over the coming weeks so it may still be a little bit before everyone has access to these changes.


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